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“www domain com” -site:www.domain.com/ — is this a command to find link popularity?

Written by General Seo on Dec 31st, 2009 | Filed under: Link Popularity

When i am trying to find link popularity for a site using one tool from the website "http://www.sitereportcard.com/" it had used a new command to find the links..that is for example to find link popularity for a site called www.domain.com …the command used by the search engine Google looks like …..

"www domain com" -site:www.domain.com/

so can we use this command to find the links?

2 Responses to ““www domain com” -site:www.domain.com/ — is this a command to find link popularity?”

  1. In google.com, type:


    it will show you the sites linking to http://www.site.com

  2. Unfortunately the only way to get a comprehensive list of backlinks from Google is to sign up for a google webmaster tools account, register your site, verify it in the control panel, and then you will be able to access the data. Google disabled the link:www.domain.com command a while back due to abuse of it.

    Yahoo is easier. type in site:www.domain.com and you will be taken to the yahoo site explorer interface. This will give you lots of information about pages indexed, backlinks etc.

    N.B. replace domain.com with the ACTUAL domain you are searching for 🙂

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