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What is another good program like google adsense to get money from?

Written by General Seo on Dec 31st, 2009 | Filed under: Adsense

I was in google adsense and i got out but i tryed to sign back up and i wasnt able to. I got denied. Does anyone know another program or website or anything that u can make money from your site by displaying ads or anything?

One Response to “What is another good program like google adsense to get money from?”

  1. Aside from Google, other contextual advertising sites where you can earn money include

    Yahoo! Publishing Network (currently in beta and available to US publishers only) http://publisher.yahoo.com/
    Intellixt http://vibrantmedia.com/site/web_01a5.htm
    Quigo Adsonar http://www.quigo.com/adsonarexchange.htm
    IndustryBrains http://www.industrybrains.com
    Commission Junction Evolution http://www.cj.com
    Kanoodle Brightads http://www.kanoodle.com/about/brightads.html
    Clicksor http://www.clicksor.com/affiliate_programs.php
    Contextweb http://www.contextweb.com/
    Bidclix http://www.bidclix.com/
    Bidvertiser http://www.bidvertiser.com/

    I suggest you also consider joining an advertising network. Advertising networks are organizations that aggregate Web sites that offer advertising space, and sell banner ads (and other advertising options) across them. Traffic requirement is often a minimum of 5,000 monthly impressions, although many do not accept sites hosted by free page services.

    Burst Media http://www.burstmedia.com
    Fastclick (ValueClick). http://www.fastclick.com
    Advertising.com. http://www.advertising.com
    Tribal Fusion http://www.tribalfusion.com

    You can also join Affiliate Programs where you sell other people’s products that your audience may be interested in; and you get a certain commission after the desired action was done (whether a sale, a lead, subscription to email newsletter, or however this is defined)

    Commission Junction http://www.cj.com
    Linkshare http://www.linkshare.com

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