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Question about duplicate content?

Written by General Seo on Dec 31st, 2009 | Filed under: Duplicate Content

I’ve written some articles and submitted them to many article directories, so they are published on a couple hundred other websites. I want to include them on my website now. My question is–does Google penalize just the web PAGE that has duplicate content, or does it penalize the whole website. Right now, my website has pretty good SERPs and I don’t want that to change at all.

2 Responses to “Question about duplicate content?”

  1. I think your best bet is to avoid the duplicate content penalty altogether. You can do this by blocking pages from being indexed by Google. Accordign to Google, "Rather than letting Google’s algorithms determine the "best" version of a document, you may wish to help guide us to your preferred version. For instance, if you don’t want us to index the printer versions of your site’s articles, disallow those directories or make use of regular expressions in your robots.txt file. "

    This way, the content will still be on your site, but Google can’t index it. Therefore, you will avoide duplicate content penalties.

  2. Actually, Google does not penalize for duplicate content, at least not in the sense of ‘inocent’ dup. content. Duplicate content is a natural occurance within the www. Search engines attempt to supply users with information they query and they have an elaborate filtering system in place to pass by the dup. content. Sites that have greater popularity are preferred over sites – with the same content – that have less popularity. The penalties are for those sites that try to manipulate search engines.

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