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Is it legal to download music from search engines, and links from the descriptions on YouTube?

Written by General Seo on Sep 11th, 2011 | Filed under: search engines

I keep seeing stuff that say DOWNLOAD ____________ FOR FREE! I don’t know if that means it’s ilegal to download from YouTube and Search Engines!

16 Responses to “Is it legal to download music from search engines, and links from the descriptions on YouTube?”

  1. It all depends on if the material that you are (Or are not) downloading is copy written or not. If not it’s legal. If so, than you would have to have special permission from the copy write holder. Like a Promo or some thing along those line.

  2. ensure it is not copyright, and for personal use only – just like recording tv programmes with the VCR.

    this will help you… use ‘zillatube’

    it is the easiest (and also the fastest) way.

    Zillatube easily download videos from Youtube… to your computer, and more (e.g. it will help you convert them, or just watch them easily anytime you want)

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