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How to get 1000 visitors from search engines?

Written by General Seo on Sep 3rd, 2011 | Filed under: search engines

I am starting a new blog about movies info online and as i am not still much good in seo, interested to know some expert advises, how much time it may take to get 1000 visitors from search engines only(not referring), how much quality posts? Also, what other activities will help me improving seo, not get referring traffic?


10 Responses to “How to get 1000 visitors from search engines?”

  1. SEO is on ongoing process.. The more the back links the more the traffic you get.. Since, its a blog info about movies.. first write something new relevant content, with good pictures, optimize the same and submit to certain blog directories, bookmarks, concentrate more on social networking sites, get forum back links.. Use Buildmylink to start your promotional activities..

  2. Remember these 3 words.Fresh original content

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