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How long do cached files in Google and other search engines last?

Written by General Seo on Sep 15th, 2011 | Filed under: search engines

If you have a web page on the internet/blog post etc and you delete it, it can still be found as a cached page in Google. Does this stay there forever, or is the cached page updated the next time the Google bot does a crawl? In other words, in a few months or so will you be unable to find the deleted post through a Google search? (also, is it the same with other search engines?)
Thanks in advance for your replies!

7 Responses to “How long do cached files in Google and other search engines last?”

  1. Hey!

    That’s why they call it cache files it’s temporary.
    Next time google will crawl your pages it will change.
    Usually in a 2-3 weeks range.
    There is other place where you still might find it internet archive they storing cashed pages permanently.

    Cheers, DS

  2. in google 1-3 weeks, others will take longer

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