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How can I be sure that the Google page rank really increases clients?

Written by General Seo on Sep 3rd, 2011 | Filed under: Uncategorized

Maybe this is just a hype. is there reliable evidence that it at least usually works? If I try it myself to find out what the result will be my bucks might go to waste this way.

13 Responses to “How can I be sure that the Google page rank really increases clients?”

  1. Your goal should not be to increase the PageRank. You should instead focus your time on on-page search engine optimization, internal linking, and linkbuilding so your website can rank in the search engines for the keywords you optimize for after you have done some keyword research.

  2. Pagerank by itself will not increase clients on your website. PR may be a small part of the Google Search Engine algorithm, but I wouldn’t make it my goal just to increase my pagerank.

    Instead, focus on building relevant backlinks and consider purchasing some promotion gigs on Fiverr.com. The only way you’re going to increase your clients is by increasing your traffic.

  3. Page Rank is not of much importance now a days. However there are still some folks which don’t know much about SEO but have a small knowledge of it then they can take into account taht what is the page rank of your site. Also Good Page Rank bearing page can be used to sell text links on it as there are a lot of people who have great desire to get links on High PR bearing pages.

  4. Hi

    Now a days PR for the website is mainly for reputation of the website. So we can not say that this increase the clients we can say due to this clients attract towards our website. So having the high PR will make a good reputation for our website. Ans some times also help to make good position among the so many website.

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