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Does increased traffic to a website help to increase its page rank?

Written by General Seo on Sep 15th, 2011 | Filed under: Uncategorized

I just want the answer of this question .Does increased traffic to a website help to increase its page rank?

16 Responses to “Does increased traffic to a website help to increase its page rank?”

  1. Yes — and particularly depending on the traffic source:

    – If there is an increased in referrals, then that means there’s more sites that linked to the page
    – If traffic increase came from search engines, some of these visitors may share the site in social media, mention it in their own websites or blogs, which will then boost traffic to the site
    – If traffic comes from social media, then it means the site is getting more social media links. While many social media sites are nofollow, these visitors may post it on their websites and put a follow to the link

  2. Yes definitely it will increase automatically the page rank.So you must do the High page rank directory submission,blog submission, article submission & social bookmarking.

  3. it sure is.

  4. Actually, no.

    Your Page Rank is more based on the number and quality of the inbound links pointing to your website.

    I have yet to see a website with 0 backlinks increase its page rank just because it has decent traffic.

  5. Its depends on the method you have done, Is your website traffic comes from clicking search engine? or you have done link building? then it is definitely will increase your google page rank.

    But if your website traffic comes from say PPC or buying from "Buy Website Traffic" site then probably it is not increase your Google PR but maybe increase your Alexa Rank.

    Also google looking the age of your website too.

  6. Page rank increases with good quality inbound links as well as if users are coming to that page thru Google search.

  7. Hello,

    Yes sort of, it helps to have a steady stream of traffic ….

    but you have to consider your backlinks (other sites linking to yours)
    for instance if you had 20 pr5 sites linking to you and a steady 500 hits a day then yes you page rank is going to go upto about 2 or 3 …

    this is also the same visa versa for a low page rank

    There are quite a few other factors like you seo (search engine optimisation)
    wether your page has clean html etc..
    (that includes content, meta tags, keywords etc etc …)

    you can get a s**t load of apps at store4mee.com (excuse the language lol)

    been buying from there for about 2 months and i really cant grumble with the results
    (not going to put my web address as i dont want to spam)

    Hope ive helped in some way or other

    Good Luck

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  8. Hi. I was watching a video of Google Engineer Matt Cutts. He said that more inbound links to a webpage determines its page rank so if increased traffic is coming from lot of links than this means page rank will improve but if only a few links are sending traffic than it may not.

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