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Beside yahoo & google any other place you can do *ppc* pay per click adverts?

Written by General Seo on Sep 16th, 2011 | Filed under: Pay Per Click

I would also like to know if Yahoo started *ppc* pay per click for exclusive for India? if no are they planning to do it?

14 Responses to “Beside yahoo & google any other place you can do *ppc* pay per click adverts?”

  1. I can’t answer the Indian part of your question, but there are lots of PPC engines.

    The problems with most of the smaller engines are
    – low quality traffic and click fraud
    – limited traffic volume makes it take a long time to get any meaningful account feedback

    I recommend staying with Google and Yahoo! off the start. If you can’t compete on those networks it may mean that you need to work on improving your business model or conversion rates.

    Attached are two links, one to a page offering PPC tips and another to a free PDF book offering a bunch of tips about the PPC market.

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