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Archive for April, 2010

How to get traffic on my website and tips for email marketing?

Written by General Seo on Apr 30th, 2010 | Filed under: Email Marketing

im 13 i just finished making a website where i sell elvex safety glasses – www.elvexonline.co.uk

but i am yet to have any sales online since i come up low on google my question is how can i get traffic please simply without spending much and if i do spend i want a good return. I heard email marketing is very good so can i email companys i think could use saftey glasses, is it good to email big companys or smaller ones and what companys do you think could use saftey glasses, im not sure maybe a bike shop or a ski shop, if you can think of any let me know. And how can i come up higher on google without spending much. Finaly when email people should i mention that i am 13 they might not think it is a crediable bussines (which it is if i were to sell all the stock i have bought i would make £40,000).

thanks for your time try to answer as many as you can

How can I check for backlinks?

Written by General Seo on Apr 30th, 2010 | Filed under: Backlinks

I have always used "links: webaddress.com" on google to find the backlinks of a site but then I tried to check the backlinks of this site which sounds similar to another popular site. When I type in it keeps showing the results of the other page. The only difference is a letter in the domain name. So now it shows the backlinks of both the sites. Is there a tool or a site where you can check for backlinks of a site.? I tried to google it but then I got some sites that don’t display proper results.. a lil help please

How can Google legally pay people for advertising ?

Written by General Seo on Apr 30th, 2010 | Filed under: Google

Hi !

I’d like to understand how google can pay ordinary private people without a working contract, for using the adsense system ? How does that work on the accounting side ? If I had a company, could my company also pay a friend to advertise for me on his personal website ?

Many thanks to your responses !

Money Merge Account?

Written by General Seo on Apr 30th, 2010 | Filed under: Link Popularity

I am looking to purchase my first house in the very near future and a co-worker just told me about a new system of paying down debt much more quickly; it’s called a Money Merge Account. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with his type of account or knows anyone who has. Apparently, it is growing rapidly in popularity in the UK and Australia. To me it almost seems to good to be true to pay off your 30-year mortgage in 8-11 years. I will attach the link to a website my co-worker recommended. ANY comments/opinions would be GREAT! Thank you!

Hi, I am into link building.in it i need to submit forms on website.is there any way i can automate it.?

Written by General Seo on Apr 30th, 2010 | Filed under: Link Building

What i really want a button on toolbar which will fill the required info on form. i do not need solution like robo form and all those which will put bug in my machine

What to do about online impersonations?

Written by General Seo on Apr 30th, 2010 | Filed under: Duplicate Content

a friend of mines has had his photos stolen, his personal information stolen, and his information on his online page copied and duplicated to numerous online pages all over the internet.

he’s removed his photos, and he’s removed his content, but the person has written 10 profiles, and hasn’t stopped.

he cannot keep up with the rate at which the pages are being made.

basically, he has a long history of going out with teen girls, and going out and leaving girls so it could very well be one of the girls, he’s been on like 30 dates, but all of his friends have seen the pages. the content and such and its pretty much embarassed him. some pages have been closed- not all.

on the pages it basically says he is gay, has sexually transmitted diseases, and likes the flicks 2 girls 1 cup, and 2 men 1 horse. it goes on to say he is into gross things like cannibalism, and dirty sanchez.

he kept his online page for 2 weeks, removed his pics, didn’t accept messages or friends adds, but he couldn’t interact with the people he was talking to, so he just got rid of his page. he had 700 people, mostly girls as friends.

the content on the page pretty much makes the man sound crazy- on these online pages.

the man the pages were made about has a criminal record for petty theft and stealing- he also has a son- a few years ago he took several nude photos of minors, and i believe he’s afraid of going to the police when his computer would be searched for those photos.

what can a person do about online impersonations?

How to change Adsense address linked to my YouTube account?

Written by General Seo on Apr 30th, 2010 | Filed under: Adsense

I am earning money from YouTube advertisements on my video. How can I change the Adsense account that is linked to my YouTube account?

Pay Per Click Internet Advertising: Setting up your Free Pay Per Click account

Written by General Seo on Apr 30th, 2010 | Filed under: Pay Per Click

www.PPCKing.info Ron Medlin rmedlin04@yahoo.com +14043173925 Pay Per Click Internet Advertising Learn how to advertise your business on Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft using ppc or pay per click search ads.

How much time does the average person spend on Google?

Written by General Seo on Apr 29th, 2010 | Filed under: Google

How much time does the average user spend on Google, per month or day or whatever? This would include time spent searching (but not visiting the results), using its services to convert currency or translate foreign web pages, sending e-mails, etc. Are there any official statistics available? Educated guesses are okay.

Is Free-iQTest.net for real?(159)?

Written by General Seo on Apr 29th, 2010 | Filed under: Link Popularity

I searched for iQ tests on google and the 3rd or 4th link on the first page sent me to free-iqtest.net and taking about 8 minutes on it, it showed that I received an iQ of 159. I’m 17 years of age and the test is scaled down to age which I tested. Is it that much of a bs iq site considering its popularity or what. I mean, I know for sure I’m no where as smart as that.